Fr. Seraphim sermon at the Youth Meeting on 28 Feb 2014

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Dialogue with God (part 1) Dialogue with God (part 2) Dialogue with God (part 3)
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Come back to God God's position in your life (part 1) God's position in your life (part 2)
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Poem 1 God is Mercy God is Love

Edited by: A. Roberts and J Donaldson

This volume, containing the equivalent of three volumes of the Edinburgh series of the ANTE-NICENE FATHERS, will be found a library somewhat complete in itself. The Apostolic Fathers, and those associated with them in the third generation, are here placed together in a handbook, which, with the inestimable Scriptures, supplies a succinct autobiography of the Spouse of Christ for the first two centuries.

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Part 1: "Take my yoke on you, and learn of me" - An Audio Sermon by Fr. Abraam Georgy. To download this sermons click here 

Part 2: "How the Lord pay attention to the individuals" - An Audio Sermon by Fr. Abraham WassefTo download this sermons click here


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An Audio Sermon by Fr. Abraham Wassef

"For with god nothing shall be impossible" Luke 1:37


The angel is declaring a truth about our God that he is the God of the impossible:

  • He parts the red sea for Moses and Israel!
  • He rains Mana and gives water from a rock!
  • He adds 15 years to the life of Hezekiah the king!
  • He tears down the walls of Jericho!

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